What Does Glee Mean to Me?

When I originally started this blog many, many years ago, the title was slightly different. It was The Joy of Books and Tea. Which was nice and all, but also a very long name! Especially as I didn’t self host then and was using blogger, so the url was thejoyofbooksandtea.blogspot.com. That’s just so long. It also meant that I was completely limited to just talking about books and tea; which is a lot of what I write about anyway, but I wanted something with a shorter title. I also wanted something that got to the point of what I write about, while also giving me more freedom. Thus, Books, Tea, Glee was born. And so far, I have not looked back! So while I’ve been writing occasionally about my interest in books and I’ve finally started doing some tea posts, it’s now time for me to start working on the Glee portion of my blog.

So, basically, what does ‘Glee’ incorporate?

The Glee section of this blog is essentially for anything that I want to write about that doesn’t fall under the Books or Tea category. Both of those things get their own category as they’re such a large part of my life, whereas I will be using Glee to write about other things I love, such as travel, my dog, my lovely partner, my upcoming wedding, my house, my career/career plans etc. I am also a qualified librarian and I work as a sub-editor, so I thought it would be fun to have some training/resource pages about things like grammar, spelling, research and digital information.

I’m really excited to get into the Glee portion of my blog, and I’m so glad that when I decided to use the name Books, Tea, Glee it allowed me to have this section where I could just go wild, and write whatever I wanted.

Stay tuned ;)


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