TTT – Top Ten Authors I Own the Most Books Of

This is a weekly meme from The Broke and Bookish
I wasn’t really sure about writing this topic, but once I started it, it was quite fun! I haven’t done a TTT for a few weeks either, so this was fun! :) This was a bit tricky as there are quite a few authors that I own roughly the same number of books as other authors. So some have made in onto this list and others (Austen, Dickens etc) have not.
Now, in no particular order:
1. J.K. Rowling
I own a LOT of J.K. Rowling of course. I have all 7 Harry Potter books. Twice. Just recently I found out that the original editions as well as some of the newer and super nice, current editions are going out of print soon. I therefore immediately ordered a lovely box set of the signature series.
Why are they getting rid of these?! WHY?!
But I also own both of her crime books (published under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith) as well as The Casual Vacancy.
2. Meg Cabot 
 I own about 8-10 Meg Cabot books. I wish I could own them all though! I don’t own all of The Princess Diaries books – but one day I will!
3. Emily Rodda
Emily Rodda was someone whose books I devoured from when I was about 8 – 16. I still enjoy re-reading them and easily own at least 10!
4. Joanne Harris
Joanna Harris is one of those authors that I own quite a lot of her books – yet have read none of them! They just have such lovely covers – and Chocolat was such a great movie. Of course I’ll love her books, right?! I have high hopes!
5. Cora Carmack
For an author I only discovered a few months ago, I now own 5 of Cora’s books – and want more :)
6. Jill Mansell
Good ol’ Jill. I have about 6 of her lovely books!

7. Candace Camp

Ditto Candace. She’s great! I own about 5-6.

8. Charlaine Harris
Now, I own nine (yep, nine!) of Charlaine Harris’ books on audio, but that counts I feel. I also own  two in paperback – so that’s 11. Wow. And I haven’t finished the series yet – there’s still another four to acquire :)
9. Annie Groves
I love Annie Groves’ books and have about five, I want ALL of them!
10. Janet Evanovich
I want all of Janet Evanovich’s books in my life! Already own about 12!
This has been interesting! I really didn’t realise how many books I own by some authors. Fun times!

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