The Most Books I’ve Read in a Year

Since around 2010, I have been diligently signing myself up for the annual Goodreads reading challenge. This challenge involves choosing a number of books you think you can get through in a year and then trying to complete that many. In the past I’ve either completed it or fallen just a bit short.

This year I had a feeling though; I just knew this was going to be a great year of reading. And I was right! I set a goal for 60 books, whereas the most I’d ever challenged myself with was 52 – of which I completed once. So 60 was already going higher than normal.

And then, 2 books ago, on the 3rd of October, I did it! I reached 60!

I am currently about to finish my 63rd book, and am apparently 15 books ahead of schedule. I am feeling pretty bloody great about this.

To celebrate, here are the 62 books!

There are some re-reads in here (Animal Farm, The Family Law, Prisoner of Azkaban – of course), some graphic novels, some junior fiction and some of the most epic fantasy I’ve ever read (An Ember in the Ashes trilogy). I am so very happy with all the reading I’ve done this year, especially as last year I was in a bit of a slump for a while.

Now, the question is: what number can I get to by the end of the year? 80? 100?!



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