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I really love it when I come across a book that is truly hilarious. Hilarious in that I have trouble controlling my self whilst reading on public transport. I read this book over a couple of days on the train to and from work, and several times I laughed out loud and it was worth it – every time.
Let it be known, this book is quite crude. Hilariously, brilliantly, cleverly crude. Joanna Bolouri does not hold back in this novel. At one stage, I was reading this on my e-reader and I could sense the woman sitting next to me on the train glancing over at what I was reading and it was a particularly detailed sexual encounter of Phoebe’s – I had to very awkwardly angle my e-reader away from prying eyes! Parts of this book were super sexy, and it was awesome. It’s always nice coming across an author who is capable of writing fantastic sex scenes, because boy, have I read some bad ones. Bolouri knew what she was doing, and this novel was filled with sexy, hilarious writing.

While this book does have a Bridget Jones’s Diary vibe to it, what with the single female making a New Years’ resolution to change her romantic life, the writing and story lines set this novel far enough apart from the original.

Parts of this were quite predictable, but I still thoroughly enjoyed this novel. One thing I particularly liked was Phoebe not always enjoying everything she attempts on her list. After having extreme success and loving everything she was trying, I found it to be quite unrealistic, so it was good to see that not everything was for Phoebe, which is much more like it would be in real life. The most predictable and annoying part of this novel (the only thing really, that makes this a 4 star book instead of a 5) was of course, everything involving Phoebe’s ex-boyfriend. I know that some sort of drama or issue is needed before the ending, but really? Even so, it all wrapped up pretty well.

I am really glad I got the chance to read this, as I thoroughly enjoyed it. I loved the writing and will definitely be on the lookout for more books by Joanna Bolouri :)


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