The Intern (The Intern #1) by Gabrielle Tozer

I love it when I can find a good Australia YA novel. I’m not always a fan of Australian fiction, so it makes me really happy when I find something that I loved as much as The Intern.
A Devil Wears Prada of sorts, this YA debut really impressed me. The characters, plot, setting and romance were all super lovely.
I really liked the main character, Josie. I want to be friends with her! I think I particularly related to her because she has to travel by train, for several hours each day to get to her internship. This is what I do for work every day! She lived in a small area that sounds exactly like the small area that I live in! While I didn’t study journalism at uni, it was still fun to read about an Australian uni life experience, that was quite like my own (internship excluded). It was nice to read a perspective so similar to mine :)
I really enjoyed how intelligent and academic Josie was. It’s always nice to read about a character who is not afraid to be intelligent, especially in YA books, where being smart can often be associated with being unpopular or awkward. Josie was not either of these things; she had great friends and while there was the odd clumsiness, it only added to her charm. I really can’t stress just how much I liked Josie :)
As  the author, Gabrielle Tozer has previous magazine experience,’it was really cool to get some insider knowledge on the world of magazines.
The romance in this was truly lovely. While a but cliche, I loved every minute of it.
When I finished reading The Intern, I immediately went on a quest to see if Gabrielle Tozer had any new books coming out – turns out, she does! I sent out a tweet thanking Gabrielle for writing such an awesome book and she replied (!!!!) which is always exciting, and told me that the new book she had coming out is actually a sequel! Cue Imogen going crazy with excitement. I’m SO excited to read the second instalment of this, which comes out next year! Yay!

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