Review: Talon #1 by Julie Kagawa

I read this a few months ago. I should really start getting better at writing reviews closer to the time I finished the book … Hopefully this will happen in the future!

This was my first Julia Kagawa book and I must say, I was pretty impressed. I’ve heard about her Iron Fey series for ages, and I really hope to read them sometime soon as I really enjoyed Kagawa’s writing and her characters.

First up, the Dragon element to this book was really interesting. It’s not anything I’ve read before, so I found it really intriguing. As Ember and her twin brother, Dante are part of the secret dragon society, known as Talon, they are trained in various aspects of human life so that may blend into human society. This involves shape-shifting into humans and not changing into their true dragon forms so as to avoid the secret Dragon Hunters, known as St. George (get it?!). I have always really liked fantasy worlds that are secret within our normal world – like Harry Potter! It just makes it seem slightly more real and believable to me. I love a good hidden, magical society :)

However, there were quite a few clichés hanging around. Ye olde Love Triange, rears its ugly head. I found the storylines for both love interests to be pretty predictable; such as the introductions of Riley and Garrett and the conclusion to what happens when Garret and Ember discover who the other one is.

This being said, I still enjoyed all of these characters. I think I can guess which way the Love Triangle will go, but I’d really be happy either way as I enjoyed both characters and their stories and interactions with Ember. I think if anything, I lean more towards Riley, The Rogue, but really, both characters were pretty great.

I’m really excited for the second book in this series, as this does end on a bit of a cliffhanger. Unfortunately, as I read this a couple of months before it was published, I will have to wait ages to read the second one!

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