SO. I have finished Starling.

And it was perfection.

Truly, everything was wrapped up the way I wanted it to. Fiona did a spectacular job :)

Also, she retweeted my tweet to her ;) Which is VERY exciting because I don’t use Twitter very much. Eep!

Me powering my way through Starling

4.5/5 stars!
[Read in March 2014]

Starling picks up right where Belladonna left off. Cass and Luca (wonderful, glorious Luca) have escaped the Doge’s dungeons and are in hiding attempting to find a way to track down the Book of the Eternal Rose as well as thwart their various enemies; Belladonna, Joseph Dubois, Dottore Piero Cristian … So many enemies! So little time. Cass and Luca are inevitably separated and have to make their own way for most of the book, we of course, run into Falco who comes along just in time to confuse Cass over which man she should spend her life with. Murder and intrigue ensues. Cass isn’t sure who she can trust and she has many near death experiences. Some great characters make unexpected appearances (Maximus the Conjurer, aw yeah) and the creepy characters get even creepier – which I did not think was possible! All in all, it was exciting the whole way through, which was great as I had found Belladonna to be a bit disappointing.

I absolutely powered my way through this one, which was great because I’ve been in a bit of a reading slump lately. I actually drove to work to pick this up AS SOON as a received the email telling me it was in. 

I love, love, LOVED this series and constantly recommend it at work, and will continue to do so even more now I know that it ends so well :)

I actually had just been reading about a new book called The Art of Lainey earlier today which looked GREAT, and then several hours later I saw a tweet from Fiona Paul plugging her new novel, which was The Art of Lainey! I hadn’t realised this, as I had forgotten that Fiona Paul is actually a pseudonym for Paula Stokes, and her new book is written under Paula Stokes. So, that was an exciting discovery and now I will definitely be reading The Art of Lainey ;)  I’ve requested an ARC from Edelweiss and my fingers are crossed!

The next Fiona Paul/Paula Stokes book to read!

Fiona Paul/Paula Stokes, I adore you!

Here is a link to her website, EVERYONE READ THIS SERIES. For reals. Historical fiction, romance, murder mystery, Venice! What more could you ask for?



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