Spoilers. I am my own worst enemy.

I have a strange relationship with spoilers. Most of the time I really don’t want to know any spoilers, particularly with books. I find them more annoying with books as it takes a lot longer to read a book than to watch a movie or television show. Therefore, if I’m reading a book that I am LOVING and someone spoils the end for me, it makes me REALLY mad. This has happened with a few major books, most notably The Great Gatsby. I will never recover from being told the ending. It still makes me mad, and I read the book six years ago!
However, I can often be my own worst enemy when it comes to spoilers. I often get really curious about things and want to read up on them. This has caused much distress, and will probably conitune to do so for the rest of my life, because I just CAN NOT CONTROL MYSELF.
Some examples include:
1. I was watching the first series of True Blood. At this stage, I hadn’t read any of the books so I really didn’t know anything, except that there was a murderer on the loose (this isn’t a spoiler, I promise! It’s the premise of the whole first season!). I was completely unaware of who it could be because I was only about three episodes in. Anyway, Curious Imogen wants to know more about a a tiny part of one particular character (now this detail would be a spoiler, so I won’t go any further!). Curious Imogen heads to Wikipedia to check out this character. And what was the first line that I read on Wikiedia? “X is the main antagonist in Season 1”. Say WHAAAA? So I just completely ruined the whole mystery for myself just because I wanted more (stupid, unneccesary!) details on this character! Rar!
2. When Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince came out, I was, naturally, SO EXCITED. I didn’t want ANY spoilers. So, I was cruising along happily, bout three chapters in, when I thought to myself “Hmm, I wonder how many chapters there are in this book?”. This is a common thing for me – I always want/need to know how many chapters are in a book. So I was flipping to the end when I accidentally read the first line of one of the end chapters. I want spoil this one either, just in case people haven’t read Harry Potter yet and they want to (in which case, why haven’t you? Get onto that!), but the sentence basically said, “The day after X’s funeral…”. ARGH!!! This was one of my favourite characters, I had only just started the book, after years of anticipation and then I just have to go and COMPLETELY RUIN THE BOOK FOR MYSELF. All because I wanted to know how many chapters there were. Why Imogen, why?!?!?! It was easily one of the worst moment of my reading life.
Sometimes though, I just want to know things that are going to happen because I cannot stand the suspense. This happened with Divergent. I wasn’t super invested in the series, so I didn’t mind too much, but quite often I would jump ahead and read the very end of the chapter just to see if what I thought was going to happen would happen. (And did it? Yes. Nearly every time, it did.)
What brings this topic to mind is that I just yesterday finished reading Talon by Julie Kagawa. I received an ARC of this, as it doesn’t come out in Australia until November. Now, I absolutely LOVED this book. It was fantastic. I read it every chance I had! But I did a similar thing that I did with Divergent in that I flicked to the end of chapters quite a bit, just to see what was happening. But it didn’t ruin my reading experience. It worked really well for me actually!
Downton Abbey (see above gif!) is another example. Though, I absolutely adore Downton Abbey, I regularly look up things about the series which results in me sometimes purposely finding out spoilers.
Why is ok that I know spoilers for some things and not others?! I really don’t know. I think the main thing is though, I want to be able to choose to know the spoiler. I don’t want people telling me things, or me accidentally reading/finding out things when I wasn’t planning to.  That’s what  makes me the saddest!
I have a very strange relationship with spoilers!

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