Snap Judgement (Samantha Brinkman #3) by Marcia Clark

I am really, really enjoying this series. I feel like Marcia Clark is in a really great rhythm with them, and they’ve been getting steadily better. I can’t wait to read any others she writes!

While each book in the series has an individual crime that takes place, and they technically could be read as a stand alone, I think it’s to one’s benefit that these books be read in order. There are plenty of side plots and characters that are important in this book that have come about through occurrences in the previous two books, and while Marcia Clark certainly explains these issues/characters briefly when they come into play, it makes a big difference actually knowing fully what went down.

What I really enjoy about this series, and this book was no exception, is that while the main plot point is the crime mentioned in the blurb, there is always plenty of things going on in Samantha Brinkman’s life, enough to keep the reader enthralled, as you want to know what’s happening with the main crime, but also you want to keep reading to find out all the other things that are happening. Clark does a great job of explaining the criminal system to the reader without dumbing it down for them. Having worked as both a defence attorney and a prosecutor, Clark brings a whole lot of knowledge and familiarity to the book. Every time I read one of these novels, I can easily picture the gritty parts of LA that Brinkman is immersed in throughout her travels. as the series goes on, we get many hints about the shadier, less than legal ways in which Brinkman has dealt with problems in the past, and this novel gives us even more detail on this.

A big thank you to NetGalley for the review copy – I am very grateful I got the chance to read and review this ahead of publication.


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