Reading 52 Books in One Year. First update.

The plan for me most years is to try and read around 52 books. I’ve yet to fully make it, but often come quite close, generally around the 45-48 mark. Once I made it to 50, which was painfully close.

This year, however, I know several people attempting to make 52, which has given me added desire to try and make it as well.

Unfortunately, due to a lot of life things happening, I’ve had quite the slump in the first half of the year, and thus must make up for it from now onwards!

am including re-reads in these, and also graphic novels if they’re not too small. Most books will be normal, previously unread novels or non-fiction though.

The current tally of books I’ve currently read is: 19.

This means I’m currently 7 books behind :/

But hey, I was 11 books behind a mere few weeks ago, so I’m catching up!


Thus far, I have read the following:

Highlights include: The Bell Jar; Everything, Everything; The Underground Railroad; One Child; and Marcia Clark’s Samantha Brinkman series.

Lowlights include: Eileen and Puberty Blues



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