Luminaries. To luminary or not to luminary?

Well, this is the THIRD time I have started this blog post. Every other time I had to put down my iPad and whenever I came back to it the Blogger app had deleted it >:( RAR. Well, two can play at the game. Now the Blogger app has been… View Post

New Year – New books

The New Year has brought with  it a new book challenge (I’m aiming to read 52 books again this year) and many, MANY new books! SO MANY NEW BOOKS! I was completely spoilt at Christmas by my wonderful boyfriend who bought me approximately 6000 books. I’m reading Welcome to Temptation… View Post

It’s been a while …

Well, it’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve written a post.This is bad! Imogen, don’t let this happen again! Ok? Ok. Unfortunately, I can’t write too much right now as I am busy attempting to finish an essay for uni which is due tonight! :/ Yep. Two days before… View Post

Brief thoughts on Bridget Jones

Right. Well, I finished Bridget Jones’s Diary. I’m still not entirely sure how I feel about it. I think I liked it, mostly? I immediately tried to start reading the second book, but I just couldn’t do it! The second book is quite a bit longer than the first. The… View Post

Could these books be any more different?

At the moment I’m currently reading five books. Normally I have a couple floating around, but I generally have one main book that I’m reading. However, at the moment I really am reading five books all at once! It’s a bit overwhelming! Currently, I’m reading Sense and Sensibility as mentioned in my… View Post