I considered doing a second belated monthly round up of books, but although I’ve started and then been reading lots of books since the end of January, the amount I have actually finished is abysmal. So, I will focus on the main books I read, and they were the Divergent… View Post

This weekly feature is hosted by the lovely bloggers at The Broke and Bookish. This looks really fun and I’m going to attempt to do this feature as often as possible! Right, onwards to the list of the most unique books I’ve read. As The Broke and Bookish note, this… View Post

Lately, I’ve been discovering some pretty spectacular book blogs. The book blogosphere is something I have been sucked into. It’s like a rabbit warren, I find one blog I enjoy, which links to another great blog, which then links to another and so on. I have easily discovered about 7… View Post

At the beginning of the year my boyfriend suggested to me I should write a past at the end of every month about the books I have read/completed/bought/thought about buying. Whichever comes to mind, really. And seeing as it is now … April, I should get cracking and write about… View Post