Monthly round up: May.

So May wasn’t the greatest month for me in terms of my blog. In April I posted 14 posts, which was really exciting, but in May I only posted 5.

They were:
In non-book related life however, May was AWESOME. My birthday was in May, which is always fun, but most importantly I got a full-time job. This is really, really exciting because
A) it’s related to my studies
B) it is therefore related to my career
C) the work is really fun
D) the work is all computer and desk based which is exactly what I wanted
E) it’s not in retail. I’m done with retail methinks. 
F) everyone I work with is just SO lovely
G) it does involve quite a commute, but that means loads of time for reading and blogging!!
H) it’s a permanent position – yay!
See? There are loads of reasons why this is great. Most importantly being:
I) I can now afford to actually invest some money and work into my blog! Yay!!!
This is one of the main things I wanted to do if I got a full-time position. So, once my affairs are in order, my blog is going to get some proper love and attention! I really want to invest in it :)
Now, back to books: I’m still in a bit of a reading slump at the moment. It’s really frustrating. I just keep stopping and starting books like there’s no tomorrow. I’ve never been this bad before! I have so many exciting review copies to read, it’s overwhelming. Hopefully now that I have a better routine I can read HEAPS of books every week :):)
I’ve also been missing out on completing weekly features lately. Once again, I just didn’t really have much to contribute and I also didn’t really have time. But that will all be different soon I hope! I’m hoping to have a minimum number of posts each week, but we’ll see how that goes. Am planning on having a review up either tomorrow or Friday: keep an eye out!

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