Marcia Clark: My New Favourite Person

A few months ago I watched The People Vs OJ Simpson and it was incredible. Seriously, amazing! I was around 4 when the OJ Simpson trial was on, thus I have no memory of it. So for me, the show was incredibly fascinating as I had basically no idea what was going to happen. Boy, was I in for a shock! I was told not to Google anything, as I notoriously spoil things for myself regularly – without meaning to! And this made all the difference. I was in for shock after shock.

But basically, the main thing I got from watching this program (besides wtf?! How did any of this happen?!) was that Marcia Clark is AMAZING. Truly amazing.

Marcia Clark was a prosecutor in the case, and showed truly amazing strength in what was a difficult case where she was judged for every tiny little thing she did, said and wore. Honestly, I could talk at length about my love and admiration for Marcia for a long time, but let’s get to the main point:

I have since gone on a huge binge of her books.

And OHMYGOSH I’m addicted. I have Kindle Unlimited, meaning I pay a subscription fee every month to have access to a selection of books to read at any time. Until I discovered Marcia Clark, I was strongly considering cancelling my subscription as I didn’t really find it worth it for me. But then I discovered that nearly all of her books are available on it!

Firstly, I started her autobiography Without A Doubt, which I’m still going with as it’s a book I can kind of dip in and out of and can’t really read too much of at once as it disheartens me (as I know how the case ends, and also there are so many frustrating things that happen that the show was unable to touch on).

But on my initial search of all things Marcia, I watched essentially any available interview with her on YouTube (I’m definitely obsessed!) and in those, it was mentioned multiple times that she had a new book series coming out: The Samantha Brinkman series. Again, luckily for me, the two that had been released were available on Kindle Unlimited and also included was access to the audiobooks, which is how I chose to read them both. Now the third book in the series is available only on NetGalley as it is not released until late August. I was lucky enough to be granted access to a copy and I will be going into more detail about the series very soon.

Marcia Clark’s original crime series, the Rachel Knight series was not on Kindle Unlimited, so I have purchased the first book and am very much looking forward to jumping into the series – I can only hope that it’s as good as the Samantha Brinkman series.

Reviews of Samantha Brinkman novels coming very soon, to be followed by the Rachel Knight novels, concluding with my final thoughts on Without A Doubt.

Stay tuned!


Also, the irony is not lost on me that the day I finally got around to writing this was the day the OJ Simpson would be granted parole.


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