Favourite Comfort Re-reads

This year has been a bit of a weird one, with good and not-so-good things happening. This has definitely had an impact on my reading, especially during those not-so-great times. I find that I just don’t enjoy reading when I’m sad, as either I don’t want to read a great book and risk having memories of sad things impacting it forever onwards. Or, I’ll read some average/bad books and I won’t enjoy them, which doesn’t help my mood.

So for a while there I was sticking to magazines. But slowly, to get myself back into reading, I started reading some graphic novels and then finally, one of my all time favourite comfort re-reads, The Princess Diaries series. This series is light, funny, entertaining and so quick to read. It also has the added bonus of a whole heap of nostalgia for me, as I started reading this series back in 2003, when I was only 12. So that’s a large amount of my life (over half!) that I have had these books in my life for.

It got me thinking about my other comfort re-reads, and a few obvious, and some less obvious ones sprung to mind.

1. Of course, as mentioned, The Princess Diaries are number one here:

But this also goes for anything Meg Cabot for me. I really do love almost all of her work and have re-read the Boy Meets Girl series multiple times too.

2. Unsurprisingly, and similar to a lot of other people is the Harry Potter series. Always fun to re-read either the whole series, or certain books here and there. I read the Goblet of Fire again last year just for fun and I had a great time.

3. The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul by Deborah Rodriguez

I re-read this recently so that I could start the sequel (which I should really get onto!), and I hadn’t read it f
or about 6 years. I loved re-reading this. This is easily one of my favourite books ever. It may seem light and fluffy, but a lot happens in this book. And Deborah Rodriguez knows what she’s talking about – she lived in Kabul for several years!


4. The Family Law by Benjamin Law

This is a brilliant re-read book as it’s essentially made up of little essays/stories that can be read in any order. So if I ever need to read something that I know will make me laugh, I can read any of the chapters in this book. This is easily one of the funniest books I’ve ever read. I adore Benjamin Law’s work and will continue re-reading this for a long time!

5. The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

I just love this book. I’ve read it twice, and the second time was only last year, but I’ve been feeling like giving it another whirl a lot lately. So maybe I will. It may become an annual re-read?!


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