Could these books be any more different?

At the moment I’m currently reading five books. Normally I have a couple floating around, but I generally have one main book that I’m reading. However, at the moment I really am reading five books all at once! It’s a bit overwhelming!

Currently, I’m reading Sense and Sensibility as mentioned in my last post. I’m listening to Elzabeth Gilbert’s newest book The Signature of All Things, and also reading Tatiana by Martin Cruz Smith, Bridget Jones’ Diary by Helen Fielding and The Look by Sophia Bennett. 
Funny thing is, all of these books are SO different from each other. 
Sense and Sensibility: a re-write of Jane Austen’s original.
The Signature of All Things: A literary and historical saga
Tatiana: A crime novel set in contemporary Russia
Bridget Jones’s Diary: The book that came before the hugely popular movie. Details Bridget’s life as a 30-something trying to find love in London.
The Look: A young adult novel from one of my favourite YA authors! About a girl who unexpectedly becomes a model.

Tatiana in particular is the novel that stands out the most. A pretty hardcore crime novel which is quite different from say, Bridget Jones’s Diary. The funny thing is, I’ve been able to go back and forth between all these books as of late. And this has never happened before! Not with so many at once, anyway.  I always have an audiobook on the go, so as to have something to listen to when I’m walking, cooking, or doing other things where I really want to be reading but can’t navigate holding up a book at the same time. I’ve found this is also a really great way to knock over any extra books that I know I want to read but will probably not get the chance to in physical form, or because I already have a giant to-read pile (which is only growing steadily larger by the week!).

I’m trying to read another 6 books before the end of the year, so hopefully if I can finish all these and one more I’ll have reached my goal of 55 books this year! Yay!
Hopefully I can make it :)

The last book (and cup of tea!) I picked up :)


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