Changes in reading habits

As previously mentioned, I recently started working full-time. This is awesome for many reasons, the main being that I now have a much better reading schedule. I commute roughly two hours to and from work, five days a week. This leaves a LOT of time for reading and it’s brilliant! When I was looking for jobs, I was really hoping to get one in the city, one of the reasons being so that I could have lots of time to READ!

I’d noticed in the last 6 or so months, my reading had really decreased. The major factor that impacted on my reading I believe was me getting my driver’s licence. All that time I spent reading on trains was instead spent in the car, where I was (of course) unable to read! Seriously. It turned out to be quite a few hours a week.

Got my P’s. Can now drive everywhere.

So now, here I am with all this time on my commute to read!!! And read I have. I’ve so far read 5 books and listened to 4 audiobooks since starting this job just over a month ago. This is INSANE for me! I was doing so badly in terms of reading all of this year, hardly finishing a book every two weeks, so I am much, much happier now with my reading :)

Which now brings me to the format of the books I’ve been reading. I am very open to the idea of ebooks and over the last year or so, I downloaded the kobo app and bought quite a few ebooks when they all on crazy amazing specials. I also had various ARC ebooks floating around from Netgalley and Edelweiss. I only ever finished my first ebook in April though, regardless of the fact that I had so many ebooks (and GREAT ones for that matter) at my disposal. That lovely book was Losing It by Cora Carmack. I then went on to quickly purchase, download and then read Keeping Her which was a novelette to accompany the book. When I started commuting, I started bringing my iPad with me every day and eventually got back into the swing of reading ebooks. They’re just so convenient!!

Wonderful, wonderful Kobo

I have since read quite a few ebooks and bought even more! Don’t get me wrong though, I am still buying and reading just as many physical books. Because I doubt I will ever be able to stop reading those.

It has been interesting however, to see over this past month how my reading habits have changed. In such a positive way too! I am now reading as much as I used to when I commuted for uni and school.

Yay!!! Hopefully I’ll smash my GoodReads reading challenge this year!

I still love me some physical books though.

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