Book blogosphere

Lately, I’ve been discovering some pretty spectacular book blogs. The book blogosphere is something I have been sucked into. It’s like a rabbit warren, I find one blog I enjoy, which links to another great blog, which then links to another and so on. I have easily discovered about 7… View Post

Belated monthly round up 1

At the beginning of the year my boyfriend suggested to me I should write a past at the end of every month about the books I have read/completed/bought/thought about buying. Whichever comes to mind, really. And seeing as it is now … April, I should get cracking and write about… View Post


SO. I have finished Starling.And it was perfection.Truly, everything was wrapped up the way I wanted it to. Fiona did a spectacular job :)Also, she retweeted my tweet to her ;) Which is VERY exciting because I don’t use Twitter very much. Eep! Me powering my way through Starling 4.5/5… View Post

It’s here!!

It’s here, it’s here, it’s here!!! Review to come ;) I will be spending the next couple of hours/days powering through this! Xx

Secrets of the Eternal Rose

I believe it’s time for some reviews! I am really excited for the third book in the Secrets of the Eternal Rose by Fiona Paul so I thought I’d post my reviews for the previous two books, Venom and Belladonna. Venom [read in January 2013] 4.5/5! It’s been over a… View Post