Mid Year Wrap Up

Goal for the year: 80 books Current books read: 25 Pages read: 11,044 Am I behind on my Goodreads goal? Yes. Am I really behind on it? Yes. But I’m still going to keep trying! In the meantime, these are the books I have completed this year so far. January This… View Post

January Wrap Up – 2019

Goal for the year: 80 books Current books read: 5 Pages read: 2974 This year is the year! The year I read 80 books! Last year, I read more than I ever have before in the space of a year, with a total of 70. I’m feeling so excited and ready… View Post

The Most Books I’ve Read in a Year

Since around 2010, I have been diligently signing myself up for the annual Goodreads reading challenge. This challenge involves choosing a number of books you think you can get through in a year and then trying to complete that many. In the past I’ve either completed it or fallen just… View Post

What I Read on My Honeymoon

Recently I got married to my wonderful husband. It was amazing and incredible, and I plan to write about it soon. We had so many great vendors and people who helped us have the most amazing day. We got married in New Zealand, and then jetted off to Europe for… View Post

Why All The Dan Brown Hate?

I just recently read and enjoyed Dan Brown’s latest book, Origin. I noticed that a couple of times I had a bit of awkward guilt when I told people that I enjoy Dan Brown. But after a while, I thought: Why? Why do I care? I’m just going to go… View Post