Books mean a lot to me – even when travelling overseas!

Last year was my year for travelling. I was somehow able to save enough money to send myself to Canada for the month of January and then my best friend, Katie and I flew to Europe in July. We went to Greece and Turkey and managed to squeeze in a trip to France.

It was all AMAZING. I can safely say that I have well and truly caught the travel bug.  It’s a dangerous bug to catch! All I think about it when I can next afford to go overseas again. I didn’t have anywhere near as much money this year, but Katie and I were able to factor in a week long trip to New Zealand. I’d been there one before in 2010 and had actually dreamed of going back ever since. And it was as lovely as ever. 

Throughout these various trips I read LOTS.

Canada was my first big overseas trip. I had not flown further than the South Pacific until I flew to Vancouver. My friend who I was travelling with was just as voracious a reader as I am. Which worked very well for both of us, as many afternoons were spent reading in lovely Canadian coffee shops. Towards the end of our trip, the weather was particularly dreary, we were running out of money and almost beginning to wish we were home again. (That being said, as soon as I arrived home, I wished I was back in Canada again! Life is tough sometimes!) So we hit up Vancouver library. Which was AMAZING. On some of our last few days we could be found whiling the hours away at the Vancouver Public Library. We justified our time spent there instead of out exploring by thinking of all the exploring we had done. Also, we were on holidays! We needed to relax, and we both found reading very relaxing. Thus, reading whole novels in a day was what we did. It was at this library that my friend introduced me to some truly horrible, yet enthralling historical romances. So whenever I see similar books, I think of Canada! :)

Europe saw a very exhausted Katie and Imogen. We were both travelling after many drastic changes had just occurred in our lives back home. Including moving out of houses with tense housemate situations and both starting wonderful, new relationships after having only recently ended old, hostile ones. This trip had been planned for years – long before I even considered going to Canada. Amongst the constant travelling and visiting various ancient sites (all of which were amazing!), we fitted reading in quite often. It was our reprieve from the oppressive Greek and Turkish summer heat, our way to wind down for they day. Many plane trips were had, with most of them spent reading. Many of my books that I took with me to Europe were left on planes or at hostels. It was too hot, my bag was too heavy and I had unfortunately taken with me a bunch of books that I just didn’t end up enjoying – so it was a win/win situation getting rid of them!

Reading has always been such an enormous part of my life and it’s always nice looking at some of my books and thinking, “Oh, I bought that in Canada”, or “I was flying across the Aegean to Turkey when I read that last”.

I’m looking forward to many more travel times spent reading!


Vancouver Public Library – many hours were spent reading here :)

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