Books and tea.

Well,  it has been far too long since I made a post. But a lot of things have happened in that time! I turned 23, I stopped and started about 7 different books, I worked HEAPS and I had a few uni things to do. So they’re my excuses, and I’m sticking to them.

Now, I think it’s high time I wrote about tea. After all, this blog was meant to be about books and tea.

In an earlier post, I mentioned the tea company Bingley’s Teas. They do a whole range on Jane Austen themed tea – which is amazing. I am particularly in love with them because they’re name is Bingley’s Teas. I personally love Mr. Bingley much, much more than Mr. Darcy (yes, I know he shouldn’t have been swayed by Darcy because he really did love Jane, but he bowed down to peer pressure etc. etc. But he came around in the end, didn’t he!? And he is just so much nicer and more charming than Darcy. True story.) I love that they didn’t just choose to call themselves Darcy’s Teas, or Mrs. Darcy’s Teas or anything like that. Bingley all the way!

Basically, Bingley’s Teas are Jane Austen themed in their tea blends but they also have their own range of non-Austen themed teas. Such as Marshmallow Dreams. How is this tea not in my life??

The Austen series includes teas such as Mr Knightley’s Reserve, Mr. Bingley’s Signature Blend and Marianne’s Wild Abandon. One I find particularly amusing is a herbal tea called Compassion for Mrs Bennett’s Nerves. Perhaps if she had this tea, Mrs Bennett would be much more bearable. All of Austen’s books are represented in these teas – and it just makes me so happy!!

Unfortunately, shipping to Australia is astronomically expensive and I just can’t justify buying these teas right now. Sigh. One day though!


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