Book Expo Australia

Last weekend, I went to Book Expo Australia! And it was awesome!

A few months ago, I was constantly reading about bloggers who were going to be going to BEA, Book Expo America. I was insanely jealous, to say the least. I did some research to see if there was an Australian equivalent, but found no such thing, until a few weeks ago a friend of mine emailed me asking if I wanted to go to an event she’d discovered: Book Expo Australia. My immediate reaction was OMG YES!!!!!!!!!!

Teachers and Librarians got in an hour earlier and for slightly less. They let me early in because I’m studying to be a librarian! Which was really nice :)

Book Expo Australia was quite a bit different from the American one though, as it was mostly aimed at teachers and librarians and was nowhere near as big. This expo also did not have any major publishers, but instead mostly small, independent publishers. There were a bunch of different authors and illustrators around, but I had only heard of one. Booktopia, a large Australian online bookshop had a HUGE stall and the most amazing gold coin donation table that was FULL of freaking amazing books.

Here is my stash:

That was only about $10. Right there.

Every single book I picked up was something that I have been looking at for several months, but could not justify buying. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. I could not believe my luck!

Russian Tapestry: I love me some Russian history with a bit of romance. I’ve wanted this since it came out nearly a year ago – yay!

Someday, Someday, Maybe: Lauren Graham’s debut! I’m glad I didn’t buy this earleir because I got this super cute hardback for approximately $2.

The Mangle Street Murders: I was so close to buying this a few months ago – lucky I didn’t  ;)

Still Alice: This was a freebie from my Kinokuniya showbag.

Cooking the Books: I have wanted to start this series for the longest time! Yay!

The English Girl: Have had my eye on this for aaaaaages.

Other amazingly cheap books that were available included: several copies of The Goldfinch (which I am still, very slowly but steadily making progress with!), Divergent, LOTS of crime and a just a whole lot of relatively new, popular fiction. We were lucky enough to stumble across this bargain table at the beginning of the day as when we went back a little while later, there were nowhere near as many good finds!

Kinokunya, an amazing bookshop in Sydney CBD were also giving out showbags, with a choice of five books. For FREE. It was seriously amazing.

There were a few issues we had with the expo, such as lack of advertising and some organisation issues on the day. But on the whole, we had an awesome time and are keeping our fingers crossed that it will become an annual event!


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