Book blogosphere

Lately, I’ve been discovering some pretty spectacular book blogs.

The book blogosphere is something I have been sucked into. It’s like a rabbit warren, I find one blog I enjoy, which links to another great blog, which then links to another and so on. I have easily discovered about 7 that I will be religiously following!

Besides certain links to blogs from other bloggers, I’ve mostly GoodReads and Twitter to thank for the overwhelming number of blogs that I’ve been reading. I am losing track of the amazing posts I’ve read, and I couldn’t be happier. I legitimately want to befriend all of these book bloggers in real life! Alas, not too many of the blogs I’ve discovered are Australian. I’ll just have to move to Europe then ;)

I’m planning on joining in on a few of the weekly features that are around the book blogosphere.

Which brings me to …. Top Ten Tuesdays!


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