Belated monthly round up 1

At the beginning of the year my boyfriend suggested to me I should write a past at the end of every month about the books I have read/completed/bought/thought about buying. Whichever comes to mind, really.

And seeing as it is now … April, I should get cracking and write about some books! Unfortunately this year has proved to be a very strange one for me, in that I haven’t read NEARLY as much as normally do. This makes me sad :(
However, I’m going to focus on the books I have read  for now and hopefully my pace will pick up throughout the year!

First up: January

My delicious January pile of books

Firstly, I read Welcome to Temptation by the lovely Jennifer Cruise.
I really enjoyed this. It was a bit ridiculous at times, but I really liked the two main characters, Fin and Sophie. I love, love, loved Sophie. She was interesting, clever, strong, hilarious and super hot ;) And Fin? He was just fantastic. This book was quite hilarious, which is always nice. I’ve since discovered that Jennifer Cruise wrote a sequel to this. When I discovered this I was very excited as the sequel is about one of Sophie’s siblings. Turns out that the book, Faking It is about Sophie’s brother Davey. This saddens me, because I really would’ve loved to read a book about Sophie’s sister, Amy and her love interest. Both of whom ride off into the sunset at the end of Welcome to Temptation. Cliche, but great.If I ever stumble across Faking It, I would happily give it a go. Unfortunately, I don’t think Ms Cruise plans to write a third book about Amy. I haven’t read spectacular reviews for Faking It, so maybe she was put off writing about Amy’s adventures. Which is a shame.
Most of all, I enjoyed this book because, as much as I sometimes like to kid myself by thinking I mostly read classy, literary novels and hardcore books on history, political and current affairs, deep down I really do enjoy some good old chick lit. With the added bonus of a killer on the loose, this particular chick lit style was perfect for me.


 Overall rating 3.5/5 :)
Witch Way To Murder by Shirley Damsgaard.
Now this one makes me sad, because I really wish I’d liked it more. This book had everything to make it the perfect Imogen book, but it just never really happened :(
Basically,  Ophelia is a small town librarian trying to ignore the fact she has a certain ‘gift’, involving psychic powers. A gift that her grandmother is constantly trying to get to her to come to terms with and learn to control. Ophelia is in constant denial until curious things begin happening in her small town; a stranger particularly interested in her, murders and mishaps that make her use her powers.
Everything about this sounded great – exactly my cup of tea. The main annoyance? Ophelia. OH DEAR GOD, she was so incredibly irritating. I found it hard to connect with her at all, except for the fact that she has my dream job.
The reveal at the end was also not as exciting as I’d hoped. Overall, I didn’t particularly like Damsgaard’s writing, which certainly impacted on view of this book. As did the love interest aspect. I really enjoyed the character who played Ophelia’s love interest in this book, but then he just disappears awkwardly at the end? Reading up on the other books in this series it doesn’t look like he reappears either. Why?! I loved him!!
In the end, I’m vaguely curious to see what happens to Ophelia, so if I had a spare night and found another book in the series, I would give Ophelia and Shirley another go.
Overall rating 2.5/5 – 
Bumped up from a  2 to a 2.5 based on Ophelia’s job and the cat on the cover :)
And lastly, I finished January with Open Season by Linda Howard. 
And this was excellent! My first Linda Howard book, and I will definitely be reading more. I loved everything about this; the characters, the writing, the setting, the murder mystery!
Once again, Daisy is a librarian in a small town who gets sucked into some murky things that are happening in her normally quiet town. While the whole Daisy-has-trouble-with-real-life-situations-because-shes-all-virginal-and-completely-unexperienced thing could get very annoying, I mostly liked Daisy as well as all of the other characters in this book. Linda Howard’s writing was great and reading Open Season right after Witch Way to Murder which had been so disappointing, was brilliant and I was really happy with this book :) I’ve since been sourcing other Linda Howard books and deciding which one to read next.



Overall rating: 4/5 :D


Soon to come: February and March round ups!

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