Two things I really love are:

  • Books
  • Tea

I started this blog back in 2013 to document my reading and tea drinking adventures. I’m lucky enough to live in a house completely filled with books and stocked full of tea.

I worked in a bookshop for eight years, which was one of the greatest experiences ever. It allowed me to broaden my reading horizons in a way I may not have done otherwise, and also granted me access to many, many, many books (let’s be honest, most of my pay went back into the shop to buy books or book-related paraphernalia).

I have a Master of Information Studies, meaning that I am a qualified librarian, and research professional. My lifelong love affair with books, combined with an interest in/love of libraries, records, data, archives, museums, meant I was always going to end up doing something like this, and I’m so glad I had the opportunity to do so. Now I can justify my book buying even more so ;)

I work as a sub-editor and copy writer. This allows me to correct spelling and grammar for a living – it’s pretty fantastic!


Book Rating System

5 stars: Loved it! One of my favourites, for sure.

4 stars: Awesome! A really great book to read, will probably read again at some point.

3 stars: A decent read. Might have had some plot or character issues, but overall, a fun read.

2 stars: Meh. Enjoyable enough to keep me entertained, but also boring/not my thing/not very good.

1 star: Well this was extremely disappointing and I hate that I wasted time reading this.

0 stars: Why did I even keep reading this? This book made me very angry and I have a lot of feelings about it.

Half stars: In between, obvs!

(note: I may rate a large number of books 4-5 stars, thus making a lot of them favourites, or almost favourites. This may seem silly, but I generally don’t waste time finishing books if I’m not enjoying them.)


Side note: I also really like coffee. Coffee will no doubt play a part in this blog in the future. I enjoy books and coffee almost as much as books and tea. Though not quite as much.


books 1


Image disclaimer: Teacup and bookshelf images (as seen above) are from Kelly Jane Creative. She has awesome stuff, you should check it out.


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